Women are erratic creatures. They are easily convinced and highly emotional. They are sometimes unexpectedly impulsive. They could quickly fall in love and then alter their minds. This is one of the reasons why guys experience heartbreak.

But as a woman gets older and falls in love, she may become so unselfish that it leaves her feeling quite vulnerable.

She refused to let her feelings lead her astray. She’ll be loyal to you.

How can you tell whether your girlfriend or lover is truly in love with you? How can you tell whether her feelings for you are genuine? Here are a few indicators that could point you in the right direction.

1. She looks after you like a mother.

You might tell how much your girlfriend cares for you by the way she treats you. She will stop at nothing to prevent you from becoming ill and to keep you healthy out of maternal instinct. She does everything she can to help you do this. She prepares and delivers your meals, remembers to give you your vitamins, and corrects you when you stay up too late playing online games.

2. She will make an effort for you.

Your partner is willing to put aside her own needs to assist you. Even though they have their own work to complete, I am aware of certain girlfriends who will complete the tasks or projects of their boyfriends.

3. Despite how annoying you are, she is kind and patient.

She could not help but be kind to you, no matter how many headaches you gave her. Even if she becomes upset with you for being obstinate, she would eventually lose her temper and inquire for your well-being. She always has patience with you since she prefers to see the positive aspects of you.

4. She pardons you numerous times.

She always forgives you, regardless of how many times you have disappointed or harmed her. She decides to overlook your mistakes and offers you numerous second opportunities. Because of the unconditional nature of her love, she does not dwell on your shortcomings.

5. She does not put up with your bad behavior.

Although she loved you, she would never put up with your bad habits like skipping courses or binge drinking. If you disagree with her criticism, it makes no difference to her. Her main concern is that you stop doing or having things that could hurt you. She wants to help you have a successful future, thus she wants you to be a nice and upright person.

6. She encourages you to improve yourself.

Your partner wants to make you a better version of yourself, just like a mother would. In order for you to live in peace, she wants you to be a responsible man.

7. She supports and encourages you as you pursue your goals.

Because she wants you to be happy, your girlfriend wants you to achieve your goals. She desires for you to achieve happiness and prosperity in life. She will always support you in achieving your objectives, even when you are feeling down on yourself. She will make every effort to support and assist you along the journey.

8 She sticks with you during your saddest moments.

Your girlfriend is always there to raise your self-esteem when you’re going through a tough period. She thinks you are a wonderful person with a lot of abilities. Simply because you are a mess, she won’t leave you. She’ll assist you in rediscovering your value.

9. She introduces her friends and family to you.

When your girlfriend lets you meet her other loved ones—her family and friends—you know she’s serious about you, just like she is about you guys. She proudly introduces you to them in order to let them know that you are the man she wants to share her remaining years with.

10. She takes steps to become more intimate with your loved ones.

She introduces you to more than just her relations and pals. She enthusiastically connects with yours as well. She cherishes the individuals close to you. She will therefore make every effort to become close to them in order for them to accept her wholeheartedly as a part of her life. 

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