There are a few things a woman should do following sex to maintain her health, such these:

• Use mild soap and water to clean. According to obstetrician-gynecologist Sherry Ross, bacteria from the mouth, rectum, and fingers can enhance a woman’s risk of getting a yeast or bacterial infection after having sex. She advises washing the vagina after sex with a non-fragrant soap. Simply take a warm washcloth and gently rub the area from front to back with soap and water (or simply warm water). The vagina has a built-in wash cycle that keeps it clean and in balance, so internal cleaning (like douching) is not required

Bathe in the tub. According to Ross, applying extra virgin coconut oil to a warm bath will help moisturize the skin of the outer vagina and ease any swelling or discomfort that happens after sex in addition to making you feel like the pampered sex queen that you are. Once more, this lowers your risk of illness, she continues.

• Sip some water. Dr. Nicole Scott advises drinking water after a strenuous sexual encounter. Your entire body is affected by dehydration, so you must rehydrate with water if your mouth is dry and/or your vagina feels like sandpaper during sex. Drink a pint or two of water just after sex. That will hydrate you and aid in flushing bothersome germs that might cause urinary tract infections from your bladder.

Eat meals high in probiotics.

Dr. Kelly Kasper, a different gynecologist, claims that yogurt and other fermented foods have the same beneficial bacteria as those found in the vagina. Making it a routine to munch on these items after sex will replenish the body’s beneficial bacteria and lower your risk of developing a yeast infection.

Avoid wearing pants! Once you’re so clean and fresh, wear cotton underwear and loose-fitting pajamas to keep your privates dry to prevent UTIs and other infections. You can also go commando for the best air circulation. Avoid wearing nylon underwear and form-fitting sleepwear at all costs since they can trap moisture and encourage the growth of bacteria, advises the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Pee! Due to its moist and warm environment, the vagina makes an excellent breeding ground for germs. You must therefore urinate within the following 30 minutes of having intercourse.

Observe how you feel when having sex. For a woman, sex can occasionally be painful or uncomfortable. It is crucial that you note when this occurs as a result. For a variety of causes, women can experience discomfort during sex. Vaginal dryness is the main cause. Similar to how deep penetration can make sex uncomfortable, especially if your partner isn’t hard enough, constipation or muscle spasm can also be to blame. It is best to see a doctor if you have discomfort during sex on a frequent basis.

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